Reacator-inline model Read More مدل راکتور مخزنی تصفیه آب با اشعه فرابنفش uv
Reservoir water disinfection device with high power UV lamps for water disinfection in fish farms as well as drinking water purification is widely used
Channel model These devices are widely used in fish farms or wastewater treatment. This system, after being located along the canal, permanently disinfects the water Read More دستگاه و سیستم ضدعفونی و گندزدایی آب یووی (uv) Water purification model In UV water disinfection systems, water is exposed to intense UV radiation, which leads to the destruction of the genome of microorganisms More تصفیه آب شهری و روستایی با استفاده از پرتو فرابنفش (یووی - uv ) جهت تولید آب آشامیدنی



Inline UV Disinfection Systems

Inline UV Disinfection Systems Application: Drinking water disinfection/treatment, fish breeding farms, swimming Description These devices are installed in the plumbing system and disinfect the water professionally, easily, and permanently. These systems significantly improve the water quality (WQ) in terms of bacterial, fungal, and viral burden. These devices are extensively used

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Open Channel UV Disinfection System

Open Channel UV Disinfection System Application: Disinfection of a large volume of water in fish farms, wastewater treatment.   Specifications: Ability to adjust the device based on channel size Suitable for high water discharge Custom materials: you can choose steel, PVC, etc. Advanced UV sensor Advanced display for real-time representation

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Using UV to treat drinking or swimming pool water

Using UV to treat drinking or swimming pool water There are many freshwater purification/disinfection techniques. However, water treatment plants most commonly use chlorine disinfectants; therefore, water chlorination should be considered an established technology. But, they are gradually rethinking the idea of using chlorine for disinfection given the various existing concerns.

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the fishery industry

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the fishery industry In the second half of the 20th century, the world population increased from 5.2 billion in 1950 to 6 billion in 2000 (more than double), and the demand for agricultural products increased more than threefold due to population growth and income increase. Likewise,

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Effluent and wastewater treatment with UV light systems

Effluent and wastewater treatment with UV light systems The development history of wastewater disinfection and treatment with UV radiation goes back to less than forty years ago. Note different the efforts to develop more efficient water treatment methods mainly began after revealing the hazards of chlorination byproducts and the inefficiency

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ParsUV was founded by a group of university professors in 2013 to provide different water-related products and consultancy services. This group of professors built a UV-based water disinfection device in 2015. The initial and final production stages were performed in the Science and Technology Park, and the product was patented as an invention with the following code:


Domestically produced UV systems

ParsUV is proud to announce that its products are fabricated relying on Iranian specialists. ParsUV products provide unique features and functions. The UV lights used are industrial, exclusively designed for ultraviolet disinfection.