UV Water Disinfection System for Saline Water and Corrosive Environment

Application: ParsUV uses PVC to produce these devices because salt and similar compounds corrode metals. These PVC UV water disinfection devices have the same general characteristics as the freshwater inline UV disinfection model. The only difference is that PVC models provide more effective UV disinfection than freshwater models because of salt or other compounds.


  • Complete resistance to water salinity
  • More effective disinfection compared to other devices
  • Low-pressure UVC lights working at a wavelength of 254 nm with amalgam technology
  • It is possible to install different types of lights based on discharge or contamination levels
  • Equipped with automatic cleaner to prevent sedimentation on lamps
  • Compatible with variable water discharges
  • 10-bar water pressure tolerance
  • Custom materials: you can choose steel, or PVC
  • Advanced UV sensor
  • Advanced display for real-time representation of the device’s operation
  • Automatic alarm system in case of malfunction (defects will be notified via alarms, SMSs, phone calls)
  • Light replacement alarm system
  •  User-friendly operability